Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge

Nearly all of our our podcast episodes are scheduled in advance. We know who we intend to speak with, we execute a small back ground research, and possess a listing of topics to talk about. This episode ended up being simply not that sort of episode.

When we bit to the very first small break fast sandwich at Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge, we knew we had to master the tale behind this little bit of donut heaven in Louisiana.

Top Breakfast Sandwich in Baton Rouge

Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge

Jeff of Tiger Deaux-Nuts explained precisely what had been on one of the best breakfast sandwiches we’ve ever consumed. To start, it included a particular sausage, called boudin, plus it ended up being sandwiched between two slices of the famous donuts. It was so delicious I didn’t also should add ketchup! Locals say it generates a “mockery of the McGriddle.”

The Donuts at Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge

Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge

Jeff had been a guy with a fantasy. A donut fantasy. On this week’s episode of our meals travel podcast, not only did we mention a locally famous break fast sandwich, but we discovered exactly how he came up with the thought of producing an artisan donut store in Baton Rouge.

And, what’s utilizing the name? What is a deaux-nut anyway? It’s the Cajun means of spelling donut. Well, not formally, nonetheless it’s a Cajun use words. Trust united states.

Mentions with this Week’s Culinary Podcast

How to locate the greatest Gulf Coast Consumes!

Tiger Deaux-Nuts in Baton Rouge

Greenhouse on Porter – the biscuit and coffee shop in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. We chatted with the women behind the biscuits on a current podcast episode.

Parish Brewing business – Craft alcohol over near Lafayette, Louisiana

Tin Roof Beer – Baton Rouge’s big craft alcohol business

Southern Craft Beer business – in which we took our additional donuts to set with Louisiana craft alcohol

Resort Indigo Baton Rouge – where we stayed during our trip to Baton Rouge

What exactly is Boudin – if you need to ask this concern, you need to read this post

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