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Where to stay in the Cotswolds – Best areas & hotels

Where to stay in the Cotswolds – Best areas & hotels

Whether you are a rugged rambler, a foodie, or a cute village junky, our guide on the best places to stay in the Cotswolds will help you narrow down the perfect spot Combining the rustic


How Hostels Work: The Essential Things You Need To Know

I love hostels! I’ve stayed in many hundreds of them around the world, in places ranging from New York to London to Tokyo — and from Cali in Colombia to Yerevan in Armenia. Hostels are

Guide To Colombia’s Pacific Coast (Chocó & Bahía Solano)

Guide To Colombia’s Pacific Coast (Chocó & Bahía Solano)

I went to the Pacific Coast of Colombia principally because it is one of the rainiest places on Earth. Being such a lover of rain, I was thrilled to find it’s just rain, rain, rain


15 Cheapest Countries to Travel in Europe

Think Europe is an expensive continent to travel? Then think again! While regions such as Western Europe and the Nordics are known to be very expensive, there are also many countries in Europe where it’s

Best Hostels & Ecolodges In Minca (With Best Areas To Stay)

Best Hostels & Ecolodges In Minca (With Best Areas To Stay)

The mountain town of Minca truly burst onto the Colombia travel scene a few years ago and has been a favourite since. Staying in Minca revolves entirely around being in nature, with hostels competing to

The Most Beautiful and Interesting Places to Visit in the UK

From medieval castles in brooding mountains to elegant cities steeped in history, there are many inspiring places to visit in the UK. Here are the best destinations to reinvigorate your senses and explore this wonderful

Starting a Travel Blog In 2022 (Setup + Growth + Income)

Are you thinking of starting a travel blog? Then you’ve come to the right page, as I’ll be sharing with you my best tips that will help you get started — based on my experience

Best spots for an invigorating wild swim in the Lake District

With misty lakes, meandering rivers and hidden tarns, there are hundreds of places to wild swim in the Lake District. Here are our top 10 swimming spots for both family activities and secluded bliss. As

Best places to stay in Pembrokeshire – hotels, huts and B&B’s

Pembrokeshire hotels are upping the ante to compete with quirky establishments and dreamy huts. Here are some great options for interesting places to stay in Pembrokeshire. Pembrokeshire is a beautiful region with the main attractions

17 Cool Things to See and Do in Porto

With its narrow tiled buildings wedged on river hillsides, a gorgeous waterfront, and tons of cultural attractions, Porto is a destination you don’t want to miss. The city feels down-to-Earth and more working-class than Lisbon